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Here we report direct­ly from our work in Beit Jala. You can disco­ver exci­ting back­ground reports, moving stories or reports on new projects here.

Pente­cost News­let­ter 2022

Pente­cost News­let­ter 2022

There are new news from Beit Jala in this year’s Pente­cost news­let­ter. This news­let­ter includes among other things reports about the open day, about the whole­me­al bakery or about orga­nic vegetables…

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Fund­rai­ser: (Holy) Land for Lifegate!

Fund­rai­ser: (Holy) Land for Lifegate!

Wir laden Sie herz­lich ein: Kaufen Sie für 500.- Euro einen Quadrat­me­ter aus dem „Heili­gen Land“ und schen­ken Sie diesen Quadrat­me­ter einem behin­der­ten Kind! Angren­zend an das Grund­stück auf dem…

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Child­ren and young peop­le in indi­vi­du­al support



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