Gate­way to Life

We help peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties in the Holy Land (Isra­el and the Pales­ti­ni­an Terri­to­ries) as well as in Jordan, Iraq and Egypt to learn to live inde­pendent­ly through support, educa­ti­on and therapy.

Lifegate Beit Jala

Unique and invi­go­ra­ting. Our house in Beit Jala is a real gate­way to life.

Guest house „Lifegate Garden”

For both indi­vi­du­al travel­lers and groups, our guest­house offers a small oasis of peace on your Isra­el trip.

Support asso­cia­ti­on

Learn more about our asso­cia­ti­on that makes the work in Beit Jala possible.

 Spen­den­ak­ti­on Grundstückskauf!

Wir laden Sie herz­lich ein: Kaufen Sie für 530.-Euro  einen Quadrat­me­ter aus dem „Heili­gen Land“ und schen­ken Sie diesen Quadrat­me­ter einem Kind mit Behinderung!

Spen­den für 824 qm von 1300 qm sind inzwi­schen einge­gan­gen. Somit sind über 60 Prozent benö­tig­ten Fläche finan­ziert! Wir freu­en uns riesig über so viel posi­ti­ve Reso­nanz und bedan­ken uns bei allen Spen­dern und Spen­de­rin­nen für diese Unter­stüt­zung! Bitte helfen auch Sie mit die nächs­ten Quadrat­me­ter zu finanzieren!

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News around Lifegate

Here you can disco­ver exci­ting stories, the latest news from Beit Jala and inte­res­t­ing back­ground reports about our work and the acti­vi­ties of our association.

News­let­ter Advent 2022

News­let­ter Advent 2022

There is new news from Beit Jala in this year’s Advent news­let­ter. This includes reports on Early Inter­ven­ti­on at LIFEGATE – the start of a new life; Diver­se Thera­py Equip­ment or about many visitors…

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Lifegate in Novem­ber 2022

Lifegate in Novem­ber 2022

In the month of Novem­ber Burk­hard Schun­kert reports on the basis of seve­ral keywords – exhaus­ted / trai­ned / chosen / flown out / having a fling / unpa­cked … – what has happen­ed in the past weeks…

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News­let­ter Fall 2022

News­let­ter Fall 2022

There are new news from Beit Jala in this year’s fall news­let­ter. This news­let­ter includes among other things reports about mobi­li­ty for peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties through LIFEGATE assistive…

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„Every day when I go to school, my favo­ri­te thing is to study maths with my teacher Mariam.”

Years of
Lifegate work

Child­ren and young peop­le in daily support

Child­ren and young peop­le in indi­vi­du­al support



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