Volun­t­a­ry service & Co



Lifegate offers exci­ting tasks with many oppor­tu­ni­ties in a social environment.

Working with and for Lifegate

Open posi­ti­ons

Baker* as volun­teer (m/​f/​d)

For the Lifegate bakery we are looking for a German baker (reti­rees are also welco­me) to help us build up a Euro­pean bakery. We would love to learn to make sourdough bread, whole wheat pastries, pret­zel pastries, various types of bread and rolls in our bakery.

We opera­te our own grain mill and would grind the „orga­nic grain” oursel­ves, guaran­te­e­ing the fresh­ness of our baked goods. Spelt bread is also on our program as well as gluten free pastries. A local baker is available to learn from the German profes­sio­nal. Young peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties will help in the bakery. 

As a rule, one recei­ves a visa for three months upon entry. We provi­de accom­mo­da­ti­on and meals for the volun­teer assign­ment. On the weekends there is also enough time for some excur­si­ons in our inte­res­t­ing coun­try. Know­ledge of English is an advan­ta­ge but not an abso­lu­te requirement.

We are very plea­sed to hear from inte­res­ted parties who are welco­me to send their appli­ca­ti­on to the office in Germa­ny(tzl@​lifegate-​reha.​de).

Volun­t­a­ry service (m/​f/​d)

Volun­teer services at Lifegate are basi­cal­ly possi­ble all year round. Since entry requi­re­ments to Isra­el are curr­ent­ly chan­ging almost weekly, we are unfort­u­na­te­ly unable to provi­de blan­ket infor­ma­ti­on about future volun­teer services. Plea­se simply cont­act the office for this.

A detail­ed descrip­ti­on of the volun­teer service as well as your cont­act person can be found here.

Volun­t­a­ry Service

There is the possi­bi­li­ty to support us actively for a certain peri­od of time within the frame­work of an orga­nis­ed volun­t­a­ry service or during a stay doing volun­t­a­ry work, both at Lifegate and in the guest house. The possi­bi­li­ties to support us are very versatile.

The peri­od of coope­ra­ti­on for a short-term assign­ment should be at least one month to a maxi­mum of three months. In addi­ti­on, the German Asso­cia­ti­on of the Holy Land (DVHL) sends two volun­teers to Lifegate each year for a peri­od of one year. Plea­se cont­act the office for further information!

Cont­act person

Maria Zaidan

Phone: +49 931 58069
Mobil: +49 1579 2361991
E‑Mail: geschaeftsstelle@​lifegate-​reha.​de


Handi­craft work (Lifegate and Lifegate Garden)

Educa­tio­nal work in kinder­gar­ten, school and in the voca­tio­nal trai­ning workshop

Thera­peu­tic cooperation

Colla­bo­ra­ti­on in the Lifegate Garden guest house