Peop­le with Disabilities

Who we help

Star­ting point in the West Bank

Peop­le with disabilities

Peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties in the West Bank often live on the margins of socie­ty. Public support is missing as well as support and encou­ra­ge­ment, which can lead to a self-deter­mi­ned life.

Our visi­on

Open the gates to life

A team of Pales­ti­ni­an, Israe­li and inter­na­tio­nal staff faces this situa­ti­on. Lifegate helps child­ren and young peop­le and their fami­lies to deve­lop a healt­hy self-este­em, builds trust and moti­va­tes them to indi­vi­du­al­ly tailo­red support programs.

Our „motor” is God’s hope and love for all peop­le, which is trans­la­ted into action and word.

Which peop­le we help precisely

  • Child­ren and young peop­le with various disa­bi­li­ties, who often did not recei­ve profes­sio­nal support and there­fo­re could not take their place in the normal educa­ti­on system.
  • Adult peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties who want to learn some­thing, need thera­py or medi­cal aid. At Lifegate, we want to lead every person into possi­ble inde­pen­dence and guide them to contri­bu­te to their own livelihood.
  • Parents and fami­ly members of child­ren and young peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties. We guide them so that they can make their contri­bu­ti­on to the lives of the child­ren and young people.
  • Other orga­ni­sa­ti­ons for the disab­led. Here we help with the supply of wheel­chairs and medi­cal aids, thera­py offers and further trai­ning for employees.