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More infor­ma­ti­on about our asso­cia­ti­on: Office, work­shop sales, board members & Co.

Office & work­shop sales

The asso­cia­ti­on runs a small office in Dort­mund as well as the work­shop sales office for Christ­mas and bazaar arti­cles in Tauberbischofsheim.

The office is mana­ged by Miri­am Ebert.



  • Conta­ct person: Miri­am Ebert
  • Address: P.O. Box 101018, 44010 Dortmund
  • E‑mail: tzl@​lifegate-​reha.​de
  • Tele­pho­ne: +49–931-58069
  • Mobi­le: +49 1579 2361991

Work­shop sale

  • Conta­ct persons: Chris­ti­ne Mohr and Ceci­lia Monsalve
  • Address: Albert-Einstein-Stras­se 25g, 97941 Tauberbischofsheim
  • E‑mail:
  • Tele­pho­ne: +49–9341-8463720 or +49–151-55027777
  • Fax: +49–9341-8463722

Board of Directors

The hono­ra­ry board of Tor zum Leben e.V. curr­ent­ly consists of

Dirk Klin­gel­hö­fer

since 2016
(pagan lake)

Micha­el Müller

since 2001 (Frank­furt a.M.)

Stefan Oehler

since 2018 (Frei­burg)

Jochen Laske

since 2020 (Nurem­berg)

Advi­so­ry Board

The advi­so­ry board of Tor zum Leben e.V. curr­ent­ly includes

  • Hans Schö­bel
    former direc­tor of the Cent­re for Physi­cal­ly and Multi­ple Disab­led Peop­le in Würzburg-Heuchelhof
  • Musa Al Munai­zel
    Diako­nie Berlin / Pedago­gi­cal Advisor
  • Pastor Ulrich Parzany
    former Gene­ral Secreta­ry of the YMCA Gene­ral Association
  • Hans-Martin Stäb­ler
    former Secreta­ry Gene­ral of the YMCA Bavaria
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