Beth­le­hem, West Bank and Co.

Where we help

near Beth­le­hem

Lifegate House Beit Jala

Most of our work takes place in a three-storey buil­ding in Beit Jala, which we built and moved into in 2012. But we are also often on the road for home visits and missi­ons in towns and villa­ges. We want that the good results of our work can reach the places where peop­le actual­ly live and that they can be continued.

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Regio­nal services

Home visits

are part of our daily work. The cont­act to the parents of our child­ren and adole­s­cents and to the child­ren in their home envi­ron­ment is important to us and helps us provi­de holi­stic support.

Schools in the region

Schools in our regi­on are unfort­u­na­te­ly often not prepared to offer a place to child­ren with disa­bi­li­ties. We are trying to chan­ge this situa­ti­on through our inclu­si­on programs and we have had great success. One to three „Lifegate child­ren” can trans­fer to the state educa­ti­on system every year.

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West Bank

We provi­de aids and ortho­pae­dic devices not only in our imme­dia­te vici­ni­ty, but also in the enti­re West Bank.

The focus of our radi­us of action is the south of the Pales­ti­ni­an terri­to­ries: Beth­le­hem, Beit Jala and the villa­ges as far as Hebron. Howe­ver, the aid depart­ment also works in the nort­hern Pales­ti­ni­an terri­to­ries in Jeri­cho and in Israel.