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Beco­me active

Whether through acti­ve parti­ci­pa­ti­on or dona­ti­ons – you can support our work in many ways.


Dona­ti­ons are still the central pillar of finan­cing the running costs of our rehabilitation work. Most of our donors know Lifegate and also the support­ing asso­cia­ti­on from perso­nal cont­acts and in some cases many years of solidarity.

Beco­me a part of the Lifegate fami­ly and support the child­ren and young peop­le of the West Bank with a dona­ti­on. Our asso­cia­ti­on is reco­g­nis­ed as non-profit and chari­ta­bleand will issue you a confir­ma­ti­on of donation.

Dona­ti­on receipts are issued at the end of the year. If you need a dona­ti­on receipt alre­a­dy in the current year, plea­se cont­act the office.

Dona­ti­ons by bank transfer


Tor zum Leben – LIFEGATE Rehabilitation e.V.

Bank account number: 2267581
BLZ: 79050000 (Spar­kas­se Main­fran­ken)
IBAN: DE88 7905 0000 0002 2675 81

Dona­te with PayPal

You can also support us easi­ly and conve­ni­ent­ly via PayPal.


From an annu­al sum of 30 € you can beco­me a support­ing member. By beco­ming a support­ing member, you beco­me part of the Lifegate fami­ly and thus provi­de relia­ble support for the rehabilitation work. 

Beco­me a support­ing member

Plea­se fill out the enclo­sed appli­ca­ti­on and send it by e‑mail or post to the office.

Sale of goods from our workshops

An essen­ti­al task of the asso­cia­ti­on is to sell the goods from the Lifegate work­shops in Beit Jala in Germa­ny. Many peop­le help actively and offer the goods at bazaars in paris­hes and at Christ­mas markets.

They sell items in a circle of friends and address compa­nies that are looking for gifts for their employees, for exam­p­le. Many of them have shared their expe­ri­en­ces and coll­ec­ted a whole basket of ideas. Plea­se speak to the employees of our work­shop sales department.

Current note: Unfort­u­na­te­ly, the olive oil of last year’s harve­st is alre­a­dy comple­te­ly sold out. We are happy to take pre-orders for this year’s harvest!

Work­shop sale

Chris­ti­ne Mohr oder Ceci­lia Monsalve

Albert-Einstein-Stra­ße 25g
97941 Tauber­bi­schofs­heim

Phone: +49 9341 8463720
Mobil: +49 151 55027777
E‑Mail: werkstattverkauf@​lifegate-​reha.​de

Visit Lifegate

From the begin­ning, many peop­le have visi­ted Lifegate on site and have thus been able to get a perso­nal impres­si­on. They have come to us as an indi­vi­du­al travel­ler or in orga­ni­zed group tours. Ever­yo­ne is welco­me and the team around Burg­hard Schun­kert is looking forward to guests.

For many years, Lifegate has been coope­ra­ting with an Israe­li orga­ni­zer of pilgrim and walking tours to the Holy Land. The tours booked through this tour opera­tor are plan­ned accor­ding to the fair travel prin­ci­ple: All the groups visit Lifegate and also stay over­night in the Lifegate guest­house, Lifegate Garden, or in another place in the West Bank. This means that your visit will bene­fit us econo­mic­al­ly, too. You will get a fair insight into the circum­s­tances and views of both the Arab and the Jewish-Israe­li side.

Plea­se cont­act Burg­hard Schun­kert or the office if you are interested!

Lifegate Rehabilitation in Beit Jala

Burg­hard Schunkert

Phone: +972 54 4690535
Fax: +97022741065
E‑Mail: reha@​lgate.​org

Office of Tor zum Leben e.V.

Maria Zaidan

Albert-Einstein-Stra­ße 25g
97941 Tauber­bi­schofs­heim

Phone: +49 931 58069
Mobil: +49 1579 2361991
E‑Mail: geschaeftsstelle@​lifegate-​reha.​de

Working for Lifegate

There is the possi­bi­li­ty to support us actively for a certain peri­od of time within the frame­work of an orga­nis­ed volun­t­a­ry service or during a stay doing volun­t­a­ry work, both at Lifegate and in the guest house. The possi­bi­li­ties of enga­ge­ment are very versatile:

  • Handi­craft work (Lifegate and Lifegate Garden)
  • Educa­tio­nal work in kinder­gar­ten, school and in the voca­tio­nal trai­ning workshop
  • Thera­peu­tic cooperation
  • Coope­ra­ti­on in kitchen and cafeteria
  • Colla­bo­ra­ti­on in the Lifegate Garden guest house

The peri­od of coope­ra­ti­on in a short-term assign­ment should last from a mini­mum of one month to a maxi­mum of 3 months. In addi­ti­on, the German Asso­cia­ti­on of the Holy Land sends two volun­teers to Lifegate every year for a peri­od of one year. Plea­se cont­act the office for further information!


Maria Zaidan

Albert-Einstein-Stra­ße 25g
97941 Tauber­bi­schofs­heim

Phone: +49 931 58069
Mobil: +49 1579 2361991
E‑Mail: geschaeftsstelle@​lifegate-​reha.​de