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Lifegate Garden

(Bethar­ram Guesthouse)


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Loca­ti­on in the centre

Direct­ly in Bethlehem

In the midd­le of Beth­le­hem, only a 15 minu­te walk from the Church of the Nati­vi­ty of Jesus, behind a wall, the gate opens to a small oasis. Our guest house is situa­ted on a quiet hill next to an old monas­tery complex, surroun­ded by olive groves, flowers and gardens.

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On three floors, which are also connec­ted by eleva­tor, we offer a simp­le but very plea­sant stay for up to 70 peop­le in 34 rooms. 

Two rooms for wheel­chair users are also available.

All rooms are equip­ped with toilet and show­er and you can access the Inter­net via Wifi ever­y­whe­re in the house. 


Show­er & WC

All 34 rooms are equip­ped with toilets and showers.


All three floors are easi­ly acces­si­ble by elevator.


Throug­hout the buil­ding you can easi­ly access the Inter­net via wifi.

Wheel­chair accessible

Two of our rooms are speci­al­ly desi­gned to meet the needs of wheel­chair users.

Semi­nar rooms, outdoor facilities

Common areas

A central fridge offers cool drinks and a small bar invi­tes you to have a drink in the evening.

Beau­tiful outdoor seating areas can also be used. Further­mo­re, an orien­tal cellar vault, in which we serve deli­cious food, as well as two loun­ges are available for lectures, semi­nars or meetings accor­ding to the daily program.

A friend­ly lounge invi­tes you to a cosy get-toge­ther even in winter.

A litt­le treasu­re at the end: A former stable has been turned into a beau­tiful litt­le chapel in our hostel, where you can find silence, cele­bra­te a service or a devo­ti­on or dwell on the impres­si­ons of the day.

Common areas and semi­nar rooms

Two rooms are available for lectures, semi­nars or meetings.

Dining room in the vaul­ted cellar

Let us indul­ge you with food in the orien­tal cellar vault.

Outdoor area with beau­tiful garden

Enjoy the green oasis direct­ly in front of the door

Chapel (former stable)

Find peace and quiet in the beau­tiful litt­le chapel



In our hostel, young peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties are trai­ned by our employees in kitchen work, room service, gardening and laun­dry, and should later have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to work in other hotels.

With your booking you support our work with child­ren and young peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties in Bethlehem/​Beit Jala.




Plea­se note the Infor­ma­ti­on* below.


from 16 persons

Single room

Over­night stay with breakfast
40 €
Half board
50 €
Full board
61 €

Double room

Over­night stay with breakfast
28 €
Half board
38 €
Full board
50 €

Triple room

Over­night stay with breakfast
27 €
Half board
34 €
Full board
47 €

Indi­vi­du­al travel­lers and small groups

Up to 15 persons

Single room

Over­night stay with breakfast
45 €
Another meal
18 €

Double room

Over­night stay with breakfast
33 €
Another meal
18 €

Triple room

Over­night stay with breakfast
31 €
Another meal
18 €


  • Prices per person
  • Single travel­lers are reques­ted to pay the room price in cash on arrival.
  • Price increa­ses at Christ­mas and Easter reserved
  • Bus driver and local guides in double room: 50% discount
  • Lunch for groups: 15 Euro per person
  • A depo­sit of 10% may be reques­ted at the time of booking. The invoice must be paid within 30 days.

Booking request

We would be very plea­sed to welco­me you as our guests.

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Lifegate Garden Bethar­ram Guest­house
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Tel.: +970 59 5600504
Phone: +970 2 2743783

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