Fund­rai­ser: (Holy) Land for Lifegate!

10. April 2021

We hear­ti­ly invi­te you:

Buy a squa­re meter from the „Holy Land” for 530 euros and give this squa­re meter as a present to a disab­led child!

Adja­cent to the proper­ty, on which our Lifegate buil­ding in Beit Jala is loca­ted, there is only a single piece of land (1300 sqm) on the northwest side on which there are some old olive trees. Suita­ble for a park, a small adven­ture world for child­ren and young peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties, but also with the poten­ti­al to use a piece of the land for urgent­ly needed parking space for guests and employees and of cour­se to have the long-term opti­on of expan­ding our work, if necessa­ry, to anot­her buil­ding. The local neigh­bors, employees and buil­ders have often said to me: „Once this land is being sold, you have to react immedia­te­ly, that must then have abso­lu­te priority.”



For a long time, I asked the owner I knew, a local Chris­ti­an Pales­ti­ni­an who lives in Beit Jala, to grant us a pre-sale right and when the proper­ty prices were still reason­ab­le, we often asked him if he would not want to sell. So far, he always refu­sed with thanks. Since then, land in our place has beco­me more and more precious and expen­si­ve, also due to the sepa­ra­ti­on wall to Isra­el, impe­ding the natu­ral possi­bi­li­ty of the peop­le in Beit Jala to spread out as a result. The last time I spoke to him was in Decem­ber 2020. Now he called on Febru­a­ry 2, 2021 and told us that his land was now for sale, would we be interested?

When we bought the land for our center in 2004, we still paid 65 USD for the squa­re meter. After inten­si­ve nego­tia­ti­ons, today’s price is now 530 euros per squa­re meter.

Thus, the adjoi­ning proper­ty costs 690,000 euros. So we need exact­ly 1300 peop­le who finan­ce one squa­re meter at a price of 530 euros

Wow, my first thought – human­ly impos­si­ble! Now I’ve thought that very often in my life, impos­si­ble! And some­ti­mes, when I leave the Lifegate buil­ding in the evening and turn around again, I can only say „THANK YOU” with great joy in my heart. How many times in my life have I been asha­med becau­se my beliefs and imagi­na­ti­on were far too small. And then often a quiet voice would say to me: „Trust me, it’s right, you can’t do it, but nothing is impos­si­ble with me!”

So now I can do nothing else than pass this messa­ge on to friends, to pray­ers, to peop­le who have ideas and see oppor­tu­nities that are closed to us and me.

Anyo­ne who can afford it without struggling could buy a squa­re meter and then give it as a present to a disab­led child, and let’s see how many squa­re meters and happy child­ren there will be in the end?


Give a squa­re meter from the „Holy Land” as a present to a disab­led child

With 530 euros you enab­le us to color anot­her piece of the mosaic green. Trans­fers to the reci­pi­ent „Tor zum Leben e.V.” under the following account details:

Bank: Spar­kas­se Main­fran­ken Würzburg

IBAN: DE 88 7905 0000 0002 2675 81


(Dona­ti­ons in Germa­ny are tax deduc­ti­ble. We will issue the corre­spon­ding dona­ti­on rece­i­pt when the project is completed.)

We have the visi­on to reach this incredi­ble goal! Should the purcha­se of the land, due to the lack of funds, not be achie­ved, the dona­ted money would flow into the ongo­ing work – becau­se every Euro is also in this field needed at the moment. Howe­ver, if you would prefer to have your money trans­fer­red back, you can indi­ca­te this at the office: geschaeftsstelle@​lifegate-​reha.​de

We need many mira­cles in our confu­sed, often fear­ful world.

And we in Beit Jala now wish for a mira­cle – we are curious whether it will happen and whether it will be given to all of us?

With kind regards and the wish for God’s bles­sing and preser­va­ti­on for all of you

Burg­hard Schun­kert and the Lifegate Team