Lifegate in April 2022

3. May 2022

Burk­hard Schunkert’s report from Beit Jala for the Arpil is here – here are some excerp­ts from the report which is atta­ched below in full:

Plea­se stay with – and with us!

The month of April was emotio­nal­ly very tense for many peop­le in our coun­try. The fasting month of Rama­dan for Muslims, Passo­ver for the Jewish popu­la­ti­on and our Chris­ti­an Passover/​Easter fell almost on the same days this year. We witnessed daily riots in Jeru­sa­lem on the former Temp­le Mount, where the most important mosques of Islam are loca­ted today after Mecca, as well as in other places in the Old City of Jeru­sa­lem and also in Beth­le­hem. Radi­cal Isla­mic groups from the Gaza Strip had announ­ced a „hot” Rama­dan, Jewish radi­cal groups, on the other hand, wanted to slaugh­ter a Passo­ver lamb on the Temp­le Mount and, as is so often the case, the waves ran high and more than 3,000 Israe­li poli­ce offi­cers were deploy­ed to paci­fy the Old City to some extent, which was a very diffi­cult task that, of cour­se, could not go without criti­cism. Thank God no one died in Jeru­sa­lem during the riots and we hope that things will calm down a bit in May.

The war in Ukrai­ne is also a daily preoc­cup­a­ti­on, and the latest state­ments by Russi­an Foreign Minis­ter Lavrov on the Nazis, which were very distur­bin­gly recei­ved in Isra­el, promp­ted the Israe­li government to call in the Russi­an ambassa­dor for an explana­ti­on. Rela­ti­ons with Russia are cooling, and with them Israel’s abili­ty to attack Irani­an mili­ti­as in Syria, which constant­ly threa­ten Isra­el and thus all of us.

We since­rely ask our friends to conti­nue to support our work. We are very depen­dent on this help month after month! We are plea­sed when, as repor­ted here, a grant for long-needed machine­ry or equip­ment is once possi­ble. The chal­len­ge for us, howe­ver, is the running costs of the support work for now 200–250 child­ren and young peop­le who come to us every day and we can only mana­ge this with your help.

Thank you very much! Your Burg­hard Schunkert

Full report

Read the full report here.